Badminton is a fast paced sport played with a racquet and a shuttle by two players. It can also be played by four players where there are two pairs opposing each other. Physical fitness is of prime importance with this sport as it needs agility and dexterity to play the sport.

Some of the star shuttler who have made India proud on an international level are Prakash Padukone, Saina Nehwal, Pullela Gopichand, Jwala Dutta and Ashwini Ponappa, Saina Nehwal from India currently ranks fourth in the world.

Events at Khel Mahakumbh 2013

Khel Mahakumbh organzies following format for the game. These formats are played from taluka level to District Level.

  • Under 12
  • Under 16
  • Above 16
  • Above 45
  • Above 60

Badminton originated in British India in the 1800's. Battledore and shuttlecock which was a traditional English game was played with a shuttle and a racquet. The British soldiers in India added a net to the game of Battledore and shuttlecock. The game of ball badminton originated in Tamil Nadu; this was played with balls of wool. The game was also called Poona because it was very popular in the place. The name badminton was taken from the Badminton House belonging to the Duke of Beaufort in Gloucestershire.

The founding countries were Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, France, England and New Zealand. In the recent past countries like China, Malaysia, South Korea and Indonesia have done really well in this game and have produced some great players.

The Gujarat Badminton Association is the governing body for Badminton in Gujarat. It is affiliated to the Gujarat Olympic Association and Badminton Association of India. Anoushka Parikh of Gujarat won the bronze medal at the Badminton Asia Youth Championships in 2011. Anjali Rawat from Surat and Adrian George from the city of Ahmadabad too have brought laurels to the state.

Rules & Game Play

Some of the basic rules of the match are listed below :

  • The game starts with a toss. The winner gets to choose whether s/he wants to serve or receive.
  • In the men's doubles and singles the first side scoring 15 points is declared winner.
  • In the women's singles the side which scores 11 points first wins the game.
  • The winning side will serve first in the following game.
  • The player can receive and service from the right as well as the left service box. The former happens when one of the two players has scored an even number of points and the latter transpires in the opposite scenario, i.e. in case of odd number of points for any of the two players.
  • Until there is a fault, the player and the opponent will play alternately.
  • If you make a fault no points will be scored.
  • If the shuttle falls outside the boundary, or passes through the net, or goes from under the net, or touches the outfit of the players or anything else, it will be a fault.
  • A referee shall monitor the game.


The badminton court is rectangular. It measures 44 ft X 20Ft. Lines are drawn along the court to mark the boundary. The court is marked with lines like the net line. The net line is the centre of the court. The short service line is about 6 to 7 ft from the net. The long service line is also marked and it is two and half feet from the boundary of the court.
Net :
A net is placed in the centre of the court. The net is 5 ft in height.
Equipment :
Racquet and shuttle
For men it would be a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. While for women it would be the same, but women could choose a single piece outfit or even a skirt in place of shorts. The clothing should be comfortable and the player should be able to move around with ease. The skirt or the shorts chosen should be short so that the leg movements are not restricted with the attire. Sports shoes are worn and ankle high socks are worn along with the shoes. Wrist bands can also be worn to save the wrists from shocks. In case of women, the hair should be neatly tied up to avoid distracting the player during the game.
Overall Champions
Surat City 175 Medals
Ahmedabad City 231 Medals

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