Schedules for all events are now available for Khel Mahakumbh 2013
Overall Champions
Surat City 175 Medals
Ahmedabad City 231 Medals


CM, Gujarat
Smt. Anandiben Patel
Chief Minister, Gujarat
State Minister of Sports, Gujarat
Shri Nanubhai Vanani
State Minister of Sports


Skating Ahmedabad 21/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Swimming Ahmedabad 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Lawn tennis Ahmedabad 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Kabaddi Ahmedabad 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Basketball Ahmedabad 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Taekwon do Ahmedabad 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Yoga Ahmedabad 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Chess Ahmedabad 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Table tennis Ahmedabad 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Judo Ahmedabad 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Archery Ahmedabad 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Wrestle Ahmedabad 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Kho-kho Ahmedabad 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Badminton Surat 16/12/2013 to 20/12/2013
Volleyball Jamnagar 16/12/2013 to 20/12/2013
Tug-of-war Gandhinagar 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Handball Gandhinagar 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Athletics Gandhinagar 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Football Gandhinagar 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Shooting the ball Gandhinagar 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Hockey Gandhinagar 22/12/2013 to 23/12/2013
Note:- All under -12 games final will organize at the place of semifinal game place.


An inclusive sport that allows an individual to play at any level, Archery is a game of the mind and the senses.


Track and field competitions emerged in the late 19th century and have been extremely popular ever since.


As an athletic sport, a game of basketball is usually played in an indoor court in many countries.


Badminton is a fast paced sport played with a racquet and a shuttle by two players.

Bocci Ball

There are various names by which the sport Bocci Ball is known across the world, with the most popular being Bocce.


Chess is one of the most popular and widely played games around the world.


Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport in India, with the first definite reference to the game in Indian sub-continent


Football is played by over 250 million players in more than 200 countries making it the world's most popular sport.


Handball, also known as Borden Ball, Team Handball and Olympic Handball, is a team sport and involves two


Judo as a sport is known as a "gentle" game, which teaches players the art of being flexible while applying its techniques.


Kabaddi is a game that is played in South Asia and is a wrestling sport.


One of the most popular traditional Indian sports is Kho Kho, and like all such traditional Indian sports

Shooting Vollyball

Shooting Vollyball Game Details


Skating can be a sport, an entertainment activity and even a mode of transportation. This makes it a very versatile game.


Swimming is a water based sport. It is an activity that helps build up stamina, increases muscular strength and is easy on the joints.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis, which is governed by International Table Tennis Federation originated in England during the 1880s


Taekwondo is a martial art originating in Korea. It combines combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise.


For the past few years, a game of Tennis has been the most popular sport around.

Tug of War

Tug of war is also known by such other names as rope war, tugging war, tug o'war, etc.


Volleyball is a team sport which consists of two teams with six players each. These players play on a court which is divided by a net.


Wrestling is a sport where one has to combat the forces of the opponent.


India shares a proud history of Yoga. One of the popular forms of this activity happens to be 'Patanjali Yoga Session',

Innogurating Khel Mahakumbh
Innogurating Khel Mahakumbh
Innogurating Khel Mahakumbh
Innogurating Khel Mahakumbh
Innogurating Khel Mahakumbh